Kinetic used their experience and credibility as practitioners to understand our organisation, and to create buy-in and engagement with all key stakeholders. Their work on key business levers did not just create focus, but ownership. It has been a pleasure to work with Kinetic and I strongly recommend them.

Chief Commercial Officer / Pharmaceutical Company

Case for Change

A market leading Pharmaceuticals Company started to struggle to deliver growth after years of success.

Shared Vision

To accelerate business growth, through better leverage of market intelligence scale potential.

Feasible Plan

In partnership with client teams from multiple countries, we assessed the current situation, developed an aligned vision for the future and a plan of priority actions to get there. We delivered a high impact quick win, by enabling the organisation to identify and focus on the key business drivers, generating much stronger commercial plans and the organisation buy-in to the plan.

Capability to Deliver

We designed a new business growth intelligence function, leveraging existing organisations across countries and re-focused work on strategic priorities and on growth versus efficiency. We then enabled the new function leader through on-boarding and management support from the CEO downwards.


1.5% incremental Sales growth expected from project interventions 

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