Your intervention really set the standard in engaging employees behind the strategy and starting to practice the behaviours required to support it. This is exactly the kind of new and exciting approach that we needed.

HR Vice President, Europe / FMCG Multinational

Case for Change

In a context of significant change, the European business had defined a new strategy to win following a period of decline and a recent acquisition. They needed a high-energy, motivating strategy deployment to ensure inspiration, understanding and action to set the organisation back on track for growth.

Shared Vision

To get 8,000 employees across Europe on-board with the need for change and a new strategy for growth. The strategy deployment needed to inspire, engage and motivate, showing all employees their critical role in the story of change.

Feasible Plan

We developed a compelling narrative that brought to life the required change and enabled the Leadership Team to communicate their new vision. This then formed the structure of a bespoke team-learning workshop, with interactive activities for participants to self-discover the strategic choices. The solution took the form of a large format board game with a kit of parts for maximum engagement.

Capability to Deliver

We launched the deployment as part of a 2-day offsite with the top 200 leaders. The deployment game kick started the event, providing the inspiration and information to develop team and individual action plans supporting the new strategy. We developed a step-by-step facilitator guide to enable the ‘train-the-trainer’ approach, which was instrumental in cascading the strategy throughout the organisation.


Participant scores: "I have a clear understanding of the business situation and need for change: 100%; the future objectives and goals: 100%; the strategic choices to achieve these goals: 91% and I'm excited and energised to drive this: 86%"

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