I was hugely impressed with the practical application of the Integrated Transformation Framework and the way it was brought it to life for my team through experience-based training.

Global Director / Shared Services FTSE250 Company

Case for Change

Building on the successful delivery of a major programme for a global FTSE250 company to deliver this, we identified the need to bring a more structured change framework to enable the business to build internal change leadership. This would not only set up the team to drive future change but also save money on the need for external advisers in the longer-term.

Shared Vision

To create a single integrated framework for change that all business leaders can easily adopt to support delivery of the change strategy, supported by practical tools that are easy to understand and adopt.

Implemented through a compelling 1-day training course with experience-based activities to enable quick learning and adoption.

Feasible Plan

Using Kinetic-Bespoke’s integrated change toolkit that underpins the Vision into Action© methodology, we designed an experiential training programme for 15 leaders based on the context of the business and the needs of the team.

Following a successful pilot this is now being proposed as a coordinated change leadership programme across the global Shared Services function.

Capability to Deliver

Participants were challenged to immerse themselves in a day of activity-based learning to drive immediate understanding of the practical tools, supported by an experienced consultant from Kinetic-Bespoke.

Everyone left the programme with a personal plan for implementing change and a process of follow-up engagement to ensure ongoing commitment and learning.


All participants developed an action plan to directly improve their live change project. 100% of attendees independently agreed this programme would help them drive better business results.

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