Through the assessment and recommendations from Kinetic the management team were able to make appropriate decisions to improve the financial stability of the organisations. The speed in which Kinetic delivered was a key success factor for the sustainability of the organisation.

Secretary General / International Legal Body

Case for Change

An International Legal Body was facing a decrease in unrestricted financing, underfunding of infrastructure and internal governance problems linked to lack of spend visibility. It was also experiencing employee challenges with high turnover on key people and a lack of senior finance expertise.

Shared Vision

To establish a sustainable operating model with target setting, profitability ownership and change in mindset.
To support this with mutual accountability, both with leadership team and throughout organisation and enable an efficient, cross-functional finance function (team, systems and processes).

Feasible Plan

We interviewed, surveyed and conducted best practice comparisons in 4 key areas: Financial Performance,
Finance Capabilities (systems, processes and data), Organisation and Governance. We then provided the leadership team with a comprehensive report including clear recommendations and indicated actions to make the desired changes.

Capability to Deliver

To ensure the organisation was setup to deliver on the recommendations we built capabilities through workshops with leadership team, by establishing a new set of policies and by training the broader organisation on these policies. We also supported the decision to put in place a new accounting system.


One year after intervention, financial deficit turned into surplus through improved financial performance and productivity.

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