Fantastic – I’ve been spreading the word about Kinetic internally here. I especially enjoy working with Kinetic as you really listen and we see it in the work. This was a huge achievement for the Foundation.

Global Initiatives Lead / Global Foundation

Case for Change

A Global Foundation had an inspiring mission and passionate employees but was underdelivering its potential due to lack of shared clarity on strategy and plans. This resulted in duplication of work and difficulty in both delivering and measuring impact. 

Shared Vision

To successfully deploy the Foundation's Vision and Strategy ensuring all employees: Feel inspired, engaged and clear on what they need to do and why; Understands what is required in order to fully and successfully shape the future; Commits to their unique contribution to building the future.

Feasible Plan

We worked with the Lead Team to design and deliver a high energy, experiential workshop building on the principle of ‘Learning through Play’. The workshop structure led participants through a journey; from the need for change to discovery of the strategy and an opportunity to practice decision making across teams, initiating the development of new behaviours.

Capability to Deliver

We developed bespoke tools and activities to challenge the multiple intelligences throughout for maximum impact and engagement. Once experienced, participants were then qualified to run with their teams / partners to facilitate the development of individual action plans - continuing success post workshop.


98% of participants inspired by the strategy and ready to deliver their part in the plan.

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