I was really impressed with the outcome we delivered in such short period of time – our team is already in an implementation mode now. With your approach, you helped us to create robust alignment within our Lead Team.

Co-Founder & CEO / Fast Growing Wellbeing Company

Case for Change

As with many dynamic start-ups, increasing opportunities and numbers of employees can lead to inconsistencies in awareness and understanding in key areas across the organisation. In this context, the Leadership of this fast-growing wellbeing company decided to strengthen its Vision, Mission, Purpose & Values.

Shared Vision

To strengthen / develop the Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values, ensuring they can be brought to life across the organisation and beyond to inspire employees, candidates, consumers, patients, customer and regulatory bodies.

Feasible Plan

Based on insights gathered through stakeholder interviews, desk research and a culture effectiveness survey, we designed and led a workshop with the Lead Team. Key objectives were to a) align on the Situational Assessment & Case For Change; b) Identify Points of Difference vs. key competition; and c) define / align on a clear, inspiring Vision, Mission, Purpose and the value-based behaviours needed to bring them to life.

Capability to Deliver

Building on the positive outcome, we defined the key requirements and recommended action plan to inspire the organisation and bring the Vision, Mission, Purpose & Values to life across all key Stakeholders, enabling organisation to speak with one voice / one language when talking about what the Company stands for.


Leadership Team equipped with a clear, aligned and inspirational Vision, Mission & Purpose supported by a strong set of Values.

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