With Kinetic you’re going to get the type of engagement, involvement and commitment to delivering results you won’t see elsewhere. The combination of a tremendous model that can be used in any business with the quality and level of talented professionals… that is the Kinetic team. It’s been a true transformation.

Chief Executive Officer / Leading 3PL Organisation, Latin America

Case for Change

A leading 3PL organisation had been through an intense period of fast expansion through a series of acquisitions across multiple geographies in Latin America. The CEO was looking towards the next steps for the company to ensure they were strategically, culturally and operationally fit to continue growing in the most sustainable way.

Shared Vision

To continue to deliver on the company Vision – to maintain their position as the preferred 3PL partner in Latin America; recognised for their experience in the region, innovative solutions, and for constantly exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Feasible Plan

We began by conducting a thorough situational assessment, working directly with the CEO and the Leadership Team to establish absolute clarity on what the company stands for. From that base we developed the brand strategy; aligned the innovation strategy; and prioritised a robust 3-year growth plan. To support these choices, we then worked together to identify the desired culture, with deployment underway.

Capability to Deliver

To operationalise the strategy we redesigned the organisation performance setup; supported the integration of the Lead Team; and provided them with the tools to continue to govern the new strategic approach. Finally, we defined the attributes and behaviours required to successfully build the culture that will help to recognise talent within the organisation previously undiscovered.


Early results indicate the best two months reported in 3 years, further results tracking underway.

New sales pipeline value doubled in 2020 and expected to grow another 26% in 2021.

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