We were impressed by the value generated by Kinetic over a short period of time. They helped us step-change our understanding of the business drivers in one of our investments and to identify opportunities to generate much stronger growth. The Kinetic approach also generated strong alignment between investors and the management team.

Principal & Chief Investment Officer / Private Equity Company

Case for Change

The Private Equity business owners sought to improve their ROI and implement more robust decision making.

Shared Vision

To accelerate growth of a Private Equity owned operating company by improving the return on marketing investments and by driving more robust data-based decision making.

Feasible Plan

We worked with and established a partnership with all key stakeholders to clarify the marketing strategies and alignment to company objectives. We then analysed marketing plans, quantified the impact of each business lever, and modelled the financial return of each marketing activity.

Capability to Deliver

We identified the most effective marketing tools for generating growth and enabled the management team to recommend changes and gain alignment and commitment from the Board.


Turnover generated by marketing doubled without increasing budget by reallocating investment to the highest return marketing activities. Turnaround in numbers of customers after years of decline.