Not only did you bring concrete new data and analysis, but you ensured we were involved, aligned, decisive and action focused. In just a couple of months you’ve helped us develop winning plans and the self belief to deliver them.

Brand General Manager / Global Cosmetics Retailer

Case for Change

Media / Promotions / Store windows Innovation and CRM play a big part in driving growth and brand awareness for a Global Cosmetics Retailer. The pandemic accelerated the need to understand where to invest more and where to cut back, starting from promotions, in order to achieve the top and bottom-line business objectives they had committed to.

Shared Vision

To relaunch the business coming out of the pandemic behind a new, fully aligned brand support plan to refocus spend on what drives incremental sales and delivers maximum gross margin.

Feasible Plan

Using qualitative and quantitative data (interviews / surveys with Management, Regional Sales Leaders and Local Store Managers, econometric modelling of 3 years of full Point of Sale promotional tracking and media data) we developed an aligned case for change and a clear articulation of success. Via workshops we then translated this into country specific plans that will deliver a c.+10% GM improvement - double expectations.

Capability to Deliver

By asking smart, simple questions and listening, we enabled the team to go beyond the superficial, into the real case for change. We then facilitated sub-teams to define what success looked like and align on one single version, which became their inspiring vision. Combining detailed econometric analysis with cross functional workshops we ensured the teams felt heard, empowered and motivated whilst learning.


Aligned and deployed brand strategies, priorities and country specific plans that deliver + 10% Gross Margin, and provided full transparency on ROI (Revenue, Gross Margin, Profit) across all spend (Sales, Marketing and Opex).

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