Ultimately, if we can become leaders in this, I think there’s a competitive advantage to be won.

CEO / Leading Global Bank

Case for Change

In the context of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, a Global Bank could not afford a single missed escalation. They urgently needed their vast population of employees to employ the new Global Standards at a behavioural level and make them business as usual within 18 months.

Shared Vision

To successfully implement the Global Standards Initiative beyond “why” by providing a clear and compelling sense of what needed to be done differently together with a realistic, exciting “what” and “how” to restore credibility and pride in daily operations.

Feasible Plan

We redefined a regulatory ‘must do’ as an opportunity to create long-term competitive advantage by establishing the practices, behaviours and decision making required across 260,000 employees. To facilitate such a critical mindset shift we delivered this vision as an action-oriented narrative via an on-going global engagement campaign and an interactive, online workshop.

Capability to Deliver

Most importantly, we enabled management to lead these activities as part of a train-the-trainer approach with a step-by-step facilitator guide, creating credibility and future-proofing sustainable change.


Drove behaviour change across 5 business units and 80 countries. 1st workshops within 3 months of brief. 

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