The public speaking training is like a rugby match; it is meticulously articulated so that the team reaches a try! I have rarely seen such transformation in behaviour of experienced leaders in such a short period of time.

Chief HR Officer / Leading Testing and Certification Organisation

Case for Change

Senior managers were operating in an environment of increased demand on their time, together with virtual meeting technology creating additional challenges. Maximising senior leaders’ efficiency and effectiveness with internal and external communications had become a critical focus.

Shared Vision

To step change the impact and value delivery of their senior leaders by creating and embedding a standard of excellence within communications.

Feasible Plan

We designed and delivered a 2- day workshop in which participants learned how to structure presentations, how to choose impactful openings and closings and how to use their body and voice to persuasively convey their message to an audience. By filming the participants and reviewing their performance 1-2-1 with a senior Kinetic coach, progress was made fast, and the experience made memorable.

Capability to Deliver

We doubled the quality of content, delivery and self confidence of 20 senior managers in two days by practicing real communication challenges the individuals volunteered. Beyond the workshop, senior leaders were supplied with a toolkit to reference in preparing a range of presentation structures in future, together with a personal recording of their individual presentations.


Transformed the communication skills and confidence of senior management to prepare and deliver persuasive presentations:

Pre-WorkshopScorePost-WorkshopScoreI’m able to design and deliverpresentations for maximum impact2.58
In the moment, I’m able to buildunshakeable self confidencePre-WorkshopScorePost-WorkshopScore38.5
I can project powerful, persuasiveand authoritative professionalismPre-WorkshopScorePost-WorkshopScore38.5

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