The approach that you provided was simple to understand, all the team were involved throughout and the speed at which we did it was – for me – unbelievable, especially compared to the hours and hours and multiple Excel files we used in the other Business Units. I was just amazed at the quality for the output.

Vice President – Sales, North America / Global Consumer Dispensing Packaging Manufacturer

Case for Change

A global beauty and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer was seeking growth opportunities in the context of needing to focus on dramatically step-changing growth over the course of the next 5 years.

Shared Vision

To work as a team across departments to redefine the potential of the North American business, to develop an inclusive plan, focusing on rapid growth and big ideas.

Feasible Plan

We conducted a series of workshops over the course of 8 weeks to define the growth ambition (60% faster than normal process). Through an iterative and interactive process, we evaluated all Where-To-Play choices against market potential and financial attractiveness criteria, then assessed what needed to be true to deliver these choices.

Capability to Deliver

Throughout, we used the process of developing choices in workshops to reinforce team cohesion and collaboration. Within 2 months, the Leadership team had agreed a clear product portfolio plan including rationalisation and source of growth, tailor made to fit the needs of the North American beauty market.


Defined and prioritised Where-To-Play choices to increase revenue from $60M to $160M within 5 years.

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