Kinetic understood our situation immediately and tapped into the hearts and minds of our team. Their mix of process and cultural interventions truly made the difference and unleashed innovation for us.

Research & Development, Senior Vice President / Multinational Consumer Goods Organisation

Case for Change

A division of a Global Consumer Products Company was at risk of losing its competitive edge in a changing consumer, customer and market environment. Specifically, the team was held back by stretched resources, frequent rework, strained interfaces and low celebration of success.

Shared Vision

To transform the team from good to great: delivering double-digit growth year on year; innovating and contributing as one of the best performing divisions in the company; and making the division a great place to work.

Feasible Plan

Working together, we identified three key work areas: deploying and enabling the vision; redefining the team role and operating processes; and renovating the innovation strategy. We then setup and supported work teams behind these elements with a remit to implement each one within 90 days.

Capability to Deliver

We embedded this new approach with a supporting organisation transformation plan. Working with business and HR leadership we moved: the team climate from hierarchical positioning to knowledge based decisions; the leadership approach from controlling to enabling; and the operating culture from artificial harmony to crisis-like collaboration.


Delivered innovation with best ever clinical performance and a superior user experience.

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