Sustainability Scan

How do we turn Sustainability into impact and value?

We begin by enabling you to answer 4 key questions:

  • How does your sustainability approach compare
    with your sector peers and market best practice?
  • What can you do now to make the greatest impact?
  • How do you deliver impact with value creation?
  • What is the one thing that will truly bring
    sustainability into your DNA?

Our definition of success is enabling our clients to create sustainable business impact. But what does that actually mean? ‘Sustainability’ is a concept surrounded by so much ill-defined jargon and ‘greenwashing’ that you may be tempted to read no further.

But businesses that take sustainability seriously are flourishing financially and with energy prices at record levels amid unprecedented climate disasters, the issue has never been more important.

To understand what this really means for your business, you need to get beyond compliance, reports and initiatives to implement real action that creates value. Struggling with where to start?

Kinetic’s Sustainability Scan is a broad-based assessment of your sustainability approach, performance, and practices. The scan is led by an expert team, using our proven Change Model framework (see image) to provide clear insights and practical recommendations in just one week.


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Want to know you’re in safe hands? Listen to two of our clients talk about the process and outcomes achieved with our Sustainability Team.

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Why Kinetic?

Our Sustainability Team is led by experienced business leaders who have worked on Sustainability within leading organisations prior to joining Kinetic. We have hands-on experience working with companies of all sizes, from SMEs to global companies, with references.

Nicolas Defauw

ESG Strategy Development, Leadership Engagement, Sustainable Finance

Previously Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Financial Officer at P&G

Céline Bouquet

ESG Strategy development, Sustainability program management, Sustainable & ethical procurement, Circularity

Previously Procurement & Sustainability Director at P&G and COO of the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)

More sustainable companies are not just better for people and the planet. Even in the most challenging times, they are a better bet financially, too.

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